Monday, July 11, 2011

The Collection Section

LOVEFiLM have created a Collection Section for movie buffs to check out all the greatest and latest films that are topping the charts. You can create your own collection, check out other users’ collections or take a look at what some of the greatest minds in the film business love to watch. LOVEFiLM have even gone to the trouble of creating some Unofficial Collections for the likes of Spiderman (too busy saving the world to create his own) and Father Christmas (too busy making those toys!).

If you ever wondered what great actors such as Samuel L. Jackson count as their classics, take a look at the LOVEFiLM website. A sample of his taste - The Crimson Pirate, a 1952 tribute to pirates starring the
legendary Burt Lancaster, this film is highly rated by other members and Mr L. Jackson is one of those fans.

If Scarlett Johansson is more likely to grab your attention then check out her favourite film, Oklahoma, a family favourite, also from the fifties, that inspired her to take her turn in front of the camera. 

The Collection Selection is a great way to gain inspiration for your next deliver, or streaming session as you can now watch films online with LOVEFiLM. Discover a world of films you might never have seen before and see every good and bad film ever released. If movie greats aren't enough to inspire you check out the All Time Top 250, we are sure you will find a few on there that you NEED to see and a fair few that you can't watch enough times.

There are thousands of films to rent at a low price, there are no hidden fees or charges and you can cancel your subscription any time you like. We guarantee you will love coming home to find a movie of your choice on your doorstep and will never tire of this easy to use service.

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