Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

We went to http://www.satellitestarinternet.com and got satellite internet when our neighbors recommend it. I have actually been able to use the internet to start an Etsy.com business. I have always been a metal crafter and liked to make yard art. My workshop and house was full of yard art and I decided (after reading about Etsy on-line) to learn how to work the site and start a business. I just started listing everything extra that I had, and not making custom orders. I was surprised when almost everything that I listed sold quickly! If I hadn’t used Etsy, I probably would still have everything still sitting at my house. I also have had several people contact me about making custom orders. I really feel like an artist! For the custom orders that I have created, the clients have sent me pictures of my creations in their yards. They look great! I have e-mailed my story and pictures of my yard art to all of my friends and family, they too are really impressed!

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